Turn Anger and Grief into Resistance
Wandelt Wut und Trauer in Widerstand

Transformate la tristezza e la rabbia in resistenza

To our italian comrades, the friends and family of Dax.

Five years ago here in Milano your comrade and friend, your son, husband
and father Davide Cesare, called Dax, has been killed by fascists.

We are here, because we want to share your Anger and Grief, but also
prove solidarity.

We are anti-fascists from Germany, from the City of Bochum in North
rhine-westfalia. We had never learned to know Dax and most of us are
foreign in Italy. The point therefor we are here is our desire for a
liberated and fair-minded society. An utopia, which as far as we know
even Dax stood for and finally died for. In March 2003 he and his
friends were on a rally against a march of fascists, and those fascist’s
reaction was to attack them, and to murder Dax by several stabs with a

The police constrained the effort to immediately carry the three injured
comrades to a hospital – while Dax was dying. Furthermore the police
later wanted to catch his disgusted friends and badly injured many of
them. But we don‘t want to give you lessons, because you of course know
about that better.

We believe that Dax was one of us. We found the sentence „uno di noi“ on
many of your web pages and we liked it very much. We think, that
everyone of you is „una/o di noi“. We don‘t give a fuck to where someone
comes from, which colour his or her skin is or what sexuality someone
has. The true point is, if someone wants to live in a society with
neither fear nor exploitation and coercion, but with the granted
possibility to live for own desires and abilities. A society without
dominance and government, where all wealth is shared equally, and the
healing of misery of others is a matter of course. This is our point. A
point jointed to our feelings and thoughts. Our political understanding
might be described as: anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist and
anti-authoritarian,or just: anti-fascist.

As well we are here to remember some other comrades, who also have been
„di noi“. We want to remember Renato Biagetti, 26 years-old from Rome,
who has been stabbed to death by two fascists at the beach of Rome on
26th of August 2006. We want to remember 16 years old Carlos Palomino,
who has been murdered by a neo-fascist on the way to a antifascist
demonstration on 11/11/2007 in Madrid. We want to remember Jan Kucera,
an 18 years old anti-rascist skinhead from Primbram (Czech Republic),
who has been killed by a bonehead on january 18th this year.

Last but not least, we want to remember Thomas Schulz, called Schmuddel,
an antifascist punk from our neighbouring town Dortmund, who has been
murdered on March 28th 2005 by a member of the local neo-nazi scene.

Remembering especially these five, we do not want to undermine the
several anonymous, being systematically killed due to the politics of an
„Fortress Europe“ and those migrants being daily injured in every
country or due to exploitation and imperialistic wars.

We also want to remind the commonness of those five called. Commonness,
that we and you are associated with.

Dax, Renato, Carlos, Jan and Thomas were of a youth in this
metropolitain society, who chose individual ways of life, that expressed
their rejection of a society of assimilation and opportunism. They were
opposed to Injustice and a more and more deprived liberty. And everyone
of them hated the worsed form of barbarianism: fascism and
national-socialism. Instead of enjoying the privileges of being white
men of so called „First World“-Countries, they rejected those and
followed their own hearts and minds. At last, they had to pay with their
lives for opposing today’s ascending fascism and racism in Europe.

Everyone of us is living in similar situations, no matter if in Italy,
Spain, Germany, Czech or another Country: increasing exploitation,
impoverishment, deprivation of rights and also subjugation in several
forms of alienation, isolation and social darvinism. For our brothers
and sisters, who had to leave their homes due to those circumstances,
are hit much harder than we are. Every day they are living as immigrants
in Europe and furthermore being distressed by social exclusion and rascim!

Our point is to commonly search for ways to oppose and to express, what
we guess might be a more liberated and just society. When Capitalists or
Fascist are making up international networks of cooperation, what might
be our cause for not doing as well?

In this spirit: ANTIFA GLOBAL!

Spring 2008,

Azzoncao, ein Polit-Cafe

AJB – Antifascist Youth of Bochum