Ok, we are Anti-Fascists from the Ruhr Valley, an old industrial area in
North-Rhine Westfalia, Germany.
We live in Bochum. A city in the west. The far west, as we call it.
Well, last December (2008) we created a piece of Graffiti on a Bochum
wall that we have got something more to tell you about.

Since years we follow the news that the number of fascists and racists
murders is rising and rising — not only in Germany but also in other
European countries. Migrants, jews, gays and lesbians, homeless people,
alternative young people,, union members and of course anti-fascists are
the target of the big and small Nazimob.

Long ago the civil press and what you call the Everyman has come to
terms with the fact their naughty sons and daughters go out and murder
others who do not fit in their picture. The civil press and the Everyman
have come to terms with it especially because these people are not in
line with their view of the world either, with the worldview of the
civil mainstream.

We are active anti-fascists. And we notice that besides migrants and
marginal groups we are also more and more becoming the focus of the
Nazis hate and civil mainstream equally. Anti-racists and Anti-fascists
are the ones that over and over again admonish, criticise and oppose
fascism, racism, and civil indifference. And that is why this sober
society let us pay a heavy price.

Press defaming, democratic representatives infamising, police
assaulting, justice pursuing, and Nazis attacking being trivialized from
every corner.

In recent years more and more anti-fascists juveniles become victims of
fascists attacks. All over Europe.

They all had in common that — like us — they are part of a paradox
juvenile culture. They neither were able to nor did they want to come to
an arrangement with the capitalistic circumstances and the racism or
with the emergence of fascist groups and parties. Despite of all
cultural, linguistic, and other differences: they were like us.

Every single one was „uno di noi“ – „one of us“.

And that is why we created this graffiti. To remind us of them, and you
of them.

We believe they dreamt of a better world. And that they — with all the
human mistakes and errors — stood up for it. That they fought for the

They live on because of our efforts, and fights for a better world
without exploitation and suppression --

Dreams connect the past with the present and show the way into the
future. Dreams are phantastically transboundary, irritatingly
irrational, disturbingly confrontative, amusingly clarifying, deeply
imoral desirous, simply subversively.

Only with the help of past experiences resulting from debates and
conflicts our fights of today will turn into future victories .

Nobody and Nothing will be forgotten.

This is the reason for our motto of the graffiti: „They live on in our
dreams and fights!“

*Jan Kucera*, you can see him in the far left was an Anti-Fascist from
Pribram, near Prague.

Jan was murdered by Nazis on 18th of January, 2007. Jan was a member of
the Skinheads against racial prejudice, the SHARP – Skins.

On the night of his assassination he was sitting together with friends
and comrades in a pub when the Nazis provoked them. This ended in a
conflict, in which the Nazis chased the Antifas down the road. Jan and
his friend escaped from the Nazis into a stairway. The Nazis followed.
One of them ambushed Jan one floor below with a knife and stabbed him.

Jan died that night. He was only 18.

The murder unleashed demonstrations of solidarity and grief all over
Europe, one took place in Essen, our neighboring town.

Right next to Jan there is Feodor Filatov. He was stabbed on the 10th of
October, 2008 — by 4 unknown perpetrators while leaving his muscovite
apartment. Highly likely the offenders were Nazis. The 27-year-old
Feodor played a vital role building up anti-fascist and anti-rascist
structures in the muscovite skinhead scene. He belonged to the Trojan
skins, convinced anti-fascists, which made them the target of fascists‘
threat. Shortly before he was killed he told friends of feeling under
surveillance and spied out.

Russia is the country with the most racist and nazi murders.

In 2006 there were 62 nazi murders counted, in 2007 even 76 murders;
until march 2008 already 49 murders are assumed. This terror aims at
migrants, leftwingers, anti-fascists, but is also directed against
totally non-political citizens.

Finally January 19th 2009 is the day of the assassinations of the lawyer
Stanislaw Markelow and the journalist Anastasia Baburova working for the
Novaja Gaseta. Both were anti-fascists shoot on open street.

We didn‘t manage to organise an enunciation for Feodor. For Anastasia
Baburova and Stanislaw Markelow we demonstrated on the 7th of Feburary
2009 in front of the Russian consulate.

Right in the middle you can see Davide Cesare, called Dax. Davide lived
in Milano and belonged to the milieu of the occupiers of the ORSO. Orso
means bear in Italian. The Orso is an old building occupied by
leftwinged skin, punks, and football fans. In march 2003, Davide
collided with one of the Italian Fascists from this district. They
screamed at each other. A few nights later this Fascist, on the 16th of
March, ambushed Davide and his sons.
Dax was out for a pizza with a couple of friend on the way to a park
when these three Fascists chased them and stabbed them with knifes over
and over again.
Then they fled.

Maybe Dax would have survived the attack, if the Carabinieres wouldn‘t
have delayed his transport to the hospital. Right then the people from
the pub and the residents demonstrated severely against the
Carabinieres‘ behaviour. When Dax‘ friends came to the Hospital of San
Paolo di Milano they were told Dax had died and another friend was
undergoing an emergency operation. The outrage and upset due to the
behaviour of the police war enormous. The police’s answer to the
protests was brutally beating up Dax’s friends in and in front of the
hospital. The police used baseball bats and chased the people also into
the hospital stations, where they tried to hide.
Some residents took these shots you are watching right now from their
apartments following the whole scene.
Dax died at the age of 26, leaving a daughter behind.

On May 7th 2009, two of Dax‘ friends who had been beaten up in front of
the hospital were convicted to 20 month of jail. And a fine of 130 000
Euros to the police. The police men were found not guilty.

As the name reveals Renato Biagetti was from Italy as well. He was
murdered on the 28th of August 2006 in Focene, a suburb of Rome. On this
particular night he was leaving a disco near the beach, together with
his girlfriend and a mutual friend. A Reaggae Dancehall had taken place
there. Renato loved Reggae and was a passionate DF for electronic music.
This beach disco has the reputation of being the only place in this
predominantely rightwinged suburb that leftwinged go to as well.
Approaching their car, two young fascist drove by, insulted them, got
out of the car and attacked Renato and his friends with knives. Renato
died at the age of 26.

Until this day part of the media and institutions neglect the Nazi
background of this action — even though the murderer had a tattoo on his
arm displaying a fascist, celtic cross with the parole „power and
honor“. Renato’s friends prosecute actively the clarification as well as
the remembrance process. They commemorate Renato with his alias
„Renoize“. They also established a recording studio carrying his alias
„Renoize“ in the social center „Acrobax“ in Rome supporting new comer
bands. Doing so they carry on with Renoize’s artistic and musical
passion and at the same time they will always remember him — promoting
young artists. In our graffity we also use Renato’s symbol „Renoize“.

Carlos Javier Palomino, the second one from the right. He was a 16 year
old antifa from Madrid. He also belonged to the left winged skinheads.
On the 11th of November 2007 Carlos wanted to join a demonstration
against the deployment of the fascist Democracia Nacional. On his way
there, in the subway, a radical rightwinged career soldier identified
Carlos and his friends as antifascists by there buttons.

The 26 year old Nazi — unnoticeably — pulled out a hunting knife and all
of the sudden stabbed Carlos directly into his heart. Three of Carlos
friends were injured severely.

Carlos died shortly after the attack.

When the antifas got the news of Carlos death, they tried vehemently to
stop the deployment of the Nazis. Yet, the police prevented them from
doing so with rubber bullets.

The press prevaricated and downplayed Carlos‘ murder. In Germany the
„SPIEGEL“ blamed the antifascists juvenile partially as well. They also
increased his age from teenager to a young adult.

One week after the murder we organised a demonstration in memory of Carlos.

The picture at the edge shows a russian musician Timur Kacharava. Nazis
stabbed him at the 13th of November 2005 in Moscow. He studied
Philosophy in St. Petersburg, played in two left-winged bands, took part
in politically driven actions, and was an active anti-fascist. This day
he took part in an event of the socially engaged group „food not bombs“.
„food not bombs“ distributes food for free to homeless people.

Shortly after the event the group went to a pub close to a plaza. Timur
and a friend just went outside of the pub to have a smoke.
In this moment 10 to 12 Nazi skins attacked them with knives. The
attackers must have spied them out. His friend Maksim Zgibay was
severely injured. Timur was stabbed five times directly in the throat
and died directly at the place of the assault. Timur only got 20 years old.

On the far left you can see Thomas Schulz. We put him there on purpose
for him to be seen from the streets.
Thomas or as he was called Schmuddel was a punk from our neighboring
town Dortmund. He is the oldest of the ones we portrayed here. He was 31
years old when he was cowardly stabbed by a 17 year old Nazi skin. On
the 28th of March 2005 Thomas and his punk friends were on their way to
a concert. In the subway station Kampstrasse they came across the nazi
skin Sven kahlin and his girl friend on the escalator. They had a verbal
exchange. When the Nazi asked them to take him on, it was Thomas only
who follow the Nazi and confronted him with his Nazi attitude. What
Thomas did not notice as he was drank was that Sven Kahlin had already
pulled out his 15 cm long knife and hid it. When the subway came, Kahlin
did not just turn around and entered the subway to go home, no, he
stabbed the knife directly into Thomas chest up to the hilt. Very
pointedly Thomas‘ heart was pierced.

Thomas left two children.

Until today the city of Dortmund refused to install a memorial plaque
for Thomas Schuld. The CDU (Christ Democratic Union) does not want a
place of pilgrimage for left and right extremists at the Kampstrasse!

Shame on you!

The Nazi scene has celebrated Thomas murder as heroic action. The famous
Nazi, Siefried Borchert, has published a text with the heading „No tears
for punks“. And other Nazis put up posters with paroles like „Who is in
the way of the movement, has to live with the consequences!“

To all of them: nothing is forgotten! And nothing is forgiven!