To our italian comrades and the friends and family of Dax.

Five years ago, here in Milano, your comrade and friend, son, husband and father Davide Cesare, called Dax, was killed by fascists. That’s why we are here: We would like to express our anger and grief and offer our condolences and solidarity. We are anti-fascists from Bochum, Germany, in the federal state of Northrhine-westfalia. We didn‘t know Dax personally and most of us have never been to Italy before. What brings us here is our desire for a free and just world. An utopia, for which, as far as we know, Dax stood up and finally died for. In March 2003 his fascist murderers couldn‘t bear Dax‘ protest any more and decided to attack him and his friends. Attack and stab him nineteen times. The police delayed the transport of the three severely injured antifascists – and Dax passed away. At the hospital, the police forces attacked the shocked and grieving friends of Dax and hunted them through the hospital, hitting them with baseball bats, injuring several of them.
But you know that better, than we do. We believe that Dax was one of us. We found the expression „uno di noi“ on many of your web pages and we liked it very much. We think, that everyone single of you is „una/o di noi“. We don‘t give a fuck about where someone comes from, of which color his or her skin is or what sexuality someone preferes. What really counts is, whether a person strives and fights for a free and just society where every individual can life his/her life based on his/her personal needs and abilities. A society where sharing wealth and caring for others in need comes naturally. That’s what we believe in. To us, this is a matter of heart and mind. In political terms we describe ourselves as anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti- authoritarian, or simply: anti-fascist.

We are here as well to remember some other comrades. Others who were „uno di noi“. We want to remember Renato Biagetti, 26 years old from Rome, who was stabbed to death by two fascists at the beach of Rome on 26th of August 2006.
We want to remember 16 years old Carlos Palomino, who was murdered by a neo-fascist on the way to a antifascist rally on 11/11/2007 in Madrid.
We want to remember 18 year old Jan Kucera, an anti-rascist skinhead from Primbram (Czech Republic), who has been killed by a Nazi-bonehead on january 18th this year.
And Thomas Schulz, called Schmuddel, an antifascist punk from our neighbouring town Dortmund, who was murdered on March 28th 2005 by a member of the local neo-nazi scene.
While Remembering these five antifascists, we would like to keep in mind the numerous people killed as a result of the European border-policy, the injured and murderer Migrants in European countries and the millions of people suffering from imperialistic wars, exploitation and racism. We don‘t want to negate their misery.
We would like to point out what these five had in common. Dax, Renato, Carlos, Jan and Thomas were privileged as metropolitan white young men of so called „first world“-countries – But they didn‘t give a shit about that and followed their hearts and minds in their struggle for a free and just way to life. They turned their back to a mainstream society of assimilation, opportunism and superficialness. They fought against a growing fascist threat and against racism regaining
power within their societies. They fought against the most ugliest form of barbarism: Nazism and Fascism. And they paid with an enormous price for it: their own life.
Each one of us is confronted with similar problems, no matter if you live in Italy, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic or in any other Country: increasing exploitation, impoverishment, deprivation of rights and alienation of one’s needs, isolation and social darvinism. This hits our brothers and sisters, who came here as migrants, much harder because they have to suffer social exclusion and rascim in addition to that.
We have to find common ways to resist and common ways to realize our idea of a truly free society. If competing capitalistic fractions and fascist barbarians manage to link themselves in a global network and gain strength by that – What could hinder us to do so?
In that case: Antifa – global!
Spring 2008

Thomas Schulz, called Schmuddel; Dortmund, Germany
On the 28th of March, 2005, Thomas and some of his friends encountered a young neo-fascist couple in a subway station. The couple insulted the group of punks and an argument began. Soon, the nazi-skin threatened them with violence. Thomas reacted tot that by opening his arms, saying “Come on”. The neo-nazi presented a knife, he had hidden behind his back, and stabbed Thomas, a father of two, several times in the heart and fled. Thomas bled to death in the subway station. The local nazi-scene responded quickly. “The question of power has been asked and was answerd satisfyingly for us”, they proclaimed on posters. The local nazi-leader Siegfried Borchert posted “No tears for punks” on their webspace and up to today, the city of Dortmund blocks any attempts to install a commemorative plaque for Thomas. Officially to avoid creating a “place of pilgrimage for left- and right-wing extremists”.

Carlos Javier Palomino; Madrid, Spain
Carlos lived in the working-class neighborhood of Vallecas, Madrid. On November 11th, 2007, Carlos was on his way to an antifascist rally against a demonstration of the youth organization of the neo-fascist party Democracia Nacional. Along with some friends, he encountered an 26 year old fascist and professional soldier, who identified the group as antifascists by looking at their buttons. He stabbed Carlos with a hunting knife and injured the others. Carlos died at age 16.

Renato Biagetti; Roma, Italy
Renato was actively involved in the social center movement in Rome and frequented the “Acrobax“ often, a center where his brother is involved in. His hobby was music. On August 26th 2006, he visited a Reaggae-pary in Fiumicino, near Rome. After the concert, while heading home, he was stopped by two young men and attacked immediately. They stabbed him several times in heart and lungs. He died at age 26.

Jan Kuchera; Příbram, Czech Republic
On January 18th 2008, a group of nazi-skins insulted and provoked the young antifascist S.H.A.R.P.-skin in a local bar. The neo-nazis followed Jan and his friends outside and attacked them. After a short flight, the neo-nazis had Jan and his friends cornered. Jan started a counterattack an was stabbed. He died two days later in a local hospital at the age of 18. His favorite song was “Till the end of my life, I will be anti-fascist!” by the Czech band Rozpor.

Davide Cesare, Milán, Italia
Davide Cesare, called Dax, was a young member of the communist party, Rifondazione Communista, and actively involved in the squat O.R.S.O. in Milan. In the night of the 16th or March, 2003, he and two friends of his were attacked by a group of fascists after leaving a bar in via Brioschi. He was stabbed 19 times by a fascist named Federico Morbi. Two days prior to this incident, Davide had gotten into an argument with Morbi’s father Giorgio and brother Mattia. This seemed to be their revenge. Dax died later in Sao Paolo hospital. He might have survived, if it wasn‘t for the police: they delayed Dax‘ transport to the hospital for about half an hour. When friends of Dax and his comrades from the squats arrived at San Paolo hospital, they were informed that one of the injured was having an emergency operation, but Dax had died on the way to the hospital. An argument about the delayed assistance after the incident between friends of Dax and the police forces quickly turned physical, resulting in attacks against the friends of Dax by the police, which beat up them brutally. The police also used baseball bats to hunt the comrades through the hospital wards, corridors, examination- and sickrooms, resulting in serveral serious injuries. Davide, father of one, died at the age of 26.