„Non dimentichiamo
e non perdoniamo!“

hello everybody

this is a „blog“, which has been set up by the „Polit-Café Azzoncao“ and the anti-fascist youth of bochum (AJB).
In the end of the last year we have, supported by professional artists, created a murales in our town to remember seven young anti-fascist, who were killed by neo-nazis. After it was finished, we spreaded this murales all over the world in different languages.
Over the half past year we also produced this documentary „uno di noi“ (one of us) to show the making of the graffity and to tell you about our murdered anti-fascist comrades. After we have presented it in many clubs in germany, we decided to upload the movie to the web, plus many background texts and photos.
On this webpage you will find sections for german, english, spanish, italian, french and russian speakers. There you can watch and download the movie with your suitable dubbing.